The Outer Rim Concert @ Malaysia Event appearance、Performance
Microsoft / From Software "Ninja Blade" (Xbox 360, Worldwide) Music, Main Theme, Ending Theme
Konami "Otomedius G" (Xbox 360, Japan) Music, Artist Coordination
Drop Wave "Love Magic" (Mobile, Japan) Music, Sound Effects, Installation
Mission One "Sho Chiku Bai"
(iPhone, Worldwide)
Music, Sound Effects
Team Entertainment "Message"
(CD, Japan)
Music ("Silent Message" collaboration with Lia)
Altus "Live Music by Piano and Strings: Etrian Odyssey I&II Super Arrange Version" (CD, Japan) Arrangement, Production
Konami "Metal Gear Solid 4"
(PS3, Worldwide)
Music (cutscene)
Konami "Metal Gear Solid 2 Bande Dessinee" (DVD, Worldwide) Music
Gonzo "Blassreiter" (Animation, Worldwide) Music
Grasshopper Manufacture "No More Heroes" (Wii, Worldwide) Main Theme Remix
The Outer Rim"The Outer Rim"(CD) Production (GEM factory)
Tochigi TV "The Sun" (TV, Japan) Music, Main Theme
Konami "Beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD" (PS2, Worldwide) Music
Capcom "1942" (Xbox 360 Live Arcade, USA) Music
Bandai Namco Games "Idolmaster" Fami-Song 8bit (CD, Japan) Lyrics, Music Arrangement
Altus "Etrian Odyssey 2" Super Arrange Version (CD, Japan) Music Arrangement, Production